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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What are the health benefits of raw cocoa chocolate?

A.  There are many benefits to dark cocoa chocolate itself that are very well kown to consumers whether or not the cocoa in the chocolate is raw or roasted. The benefits of raw cocoa chocolate is that additionally, our raw chocolate contains digestive enzymes that aid in nutrient absorbtion of accompanied foods one eats and thus the body is better able to aquire the useful nutients from meals.  This is true for other raw foodstuffs such as salads greens and raw seeds and nuts. Beware of granular textured chocolate marketed as raw chocolate which are actually cooked significantly in a heated press durning the process of removing the cocoa butter enough to destroy the digestive enzymes and nullifying the additional nutirent absorbtion benefit. They also deliver a much reduced raw cocoa flavour that is unmistakeable in comparison.   None-the-less, Olivia Chocolatiers makes chocolate from both roasted and raw cocoa beans direct-from-farm and not from pre-process bulk or pre-processed cocoa powder so we carefully control every step in chocolate making.

Q. Is there an expiry date for your chocolate?

A. There is no expiration date on our packaging, per canadian packaging regulations guidelines, our chocolate does not require an expiration date since it goes past 90 days at room temperature as a shelf stable product. Olivia Chocolat will be unaltered after more than a year and a half kept at room temperature.  Most grocery store chocolate will have a best before date because often they contain dairy milk contaminants as one main reason; our chocolate is 100% dairy free.  The second reason is that Olivia Chocolatiers has a special process for removing more moisture than usual which extends our shelf life much further than competitors.  This is one reason why our chocolate is identifiably different by taste. Olivia Chocolate can be aged at cellar temperature or even room temperature to release tannin from the chocolate causing our fresh (or "young") chocolate flavour to mellow over time similar to aged red wine.  Cocoa is fermented at the farms where we direct purchase cocoa so similarities can drawn with other fermeted and aged foods such as old cheese, Serano ham and fine artisanal wine.

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