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March 13th, 2013.  Olivia Chocolatiers are changing their cocoa! ... And Olivia Chocolat will have a new taste!  We received our new lot of fair trade organic cocoa from a farm in the Tocache region near the Amazon jungle of Peru. We are constantly and consistantly searching for the finest cocoa in the world for the Olivia brand. The new cocoa has a finer and fruitier taste and a more suble flavour in raw chocolate. Look for sequential batch number starting from 10681 and higher for the Peruvian! Let us know what you think! If you are passionate, send us a quick note:

Touch here=> info@oliviachocolatiers.com

July 15th, 2012.   All Olivia Chocolat is now soy free!  We have adopted Non-GMO sunflower lecithin as a preferred ingredient on July 4th, 2012 and have made chocolate only with sunflower lecithin since then.  Check on the bottom of the carton,... all batches from 10538 inclusive, onward are made using sunflower lecithin.  We will soon begin to introduce packaging that reflects that our chocolate is Soy-FREE!.

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